About Us

Steel Ridge Partners is a leading software consulting and development company dedicated to providing our clients the best business solutions to fit their evolving needs. We help our clients achieve their goals through innovative product development and integration.

Unlike some software companies, we excel at connecting with the people that use our products. Our goal is to listen to and understand clients' needs and provide recommendations on how to fulfill them. Complacency simply isn't part of our vocabulary - we are always hungry to take on the next challenge, especially if it continues to push us outside our comfort zone.

Custom Software Development

Steel Ridge Partners has extensive experience building custom web applications for law firms. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve their needs by building software and processes to maximize their potential. Together, we take ideas and work through the design, development, and implementation of new projects. We then provide documentation, training, and support for the applications over time. We always work with the latest technologies to build and design modern and intuitive applications that help optimize key business processes.

Software Consulting

One of our core operations is software consulting. Businesses need the right software systems to increase productivity, optimize workflow, and maximize profits. Steel Ridge Partners thoroughly researches and vets potential software solutions before presenting the best solutions for your specific business needs.

Once the appropriate software is selected, we create a customized implementation plan to get the entire organization online with a seamless transition. Beyond the installation and data migration, we want to make sure we set up your organization for future success. We offer training sessions for management and employees, quick reference guides, and even customized training videos.

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